New to Midland Energy Expo 2015

Scheduled for April 13 & 14, we are pleased to present a series of morning and afternoon educational sessions emphasizing both the latest technological trends and key administrative and managerial topics reflective of the current landscape of the oil and gas industry.


Administrative Track

Enrique Romero, UTPB Small Business Development Center

How Business Can Access Capital

This session covers the basics on how to obtain business loans. Information will be provided on a variety of funding alternatives, including government-backed loans (SBA loans), equipment loans, working capital loans, factoring lines (similar to a line of credit), and more.


Technology Track


Matt Young, Flowco Solutions

Gas Lift Optimization and Troubleshooting

Maximizing artificial lift value is an important but often difficult task to complete for oil & gas operators. There are many ways to look at gas lift optimization which can include troubleshooting, and entire production system evaluation. In this way, many constraints can be identified and eliminated. This presentation will discuss the gas lift optimization, troubleshooting of a gas lift system and other potential solutions.

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